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Digital Experience Platform

Ok, so you have tried to build your own Customer Relationship Management System? 

Or you have tried the world renown platforms and you seem to not get the view you want. 

Or are you still struggling to build api’s or your data is all over the show?

The truth is you, are losing digital reputational integrity. 

Your customer interactions is your digital identity, it defines the ethos of your company. 

A missed experience is worse than no experice.

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Digital is the new normal

We believe in practical solutions for the African continent. Self hosted and customizable CRM. Or Cloud hosted. Your call. Our key is to offer an affordable CRM solution that can integrate to everything. Quick. Easy and most importantly; control.

Customer Data Platform (CDP), it enables full-scale testing, segmentation, analysis, and optimization for every digital experience. One source of respect for the owner of customer data; the customer. Privacy Issues? This is the solution.

Custom websites, email, mobile, social, SMS, USSD, WhatsApp Business, WeChat and Integrations to everything! Make your channels and communication sing. Most of our Communication Integrates back to our CDP and CRM or yours. 


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